In addition to being a flight training facility, Norfolk Flight Center
is also an aircraft rental center. Students and Renters can choose
from the following newer, safe and well-maintained aircraft.
 Cessna Skyhawk C-172R
 180 HP Engine
 Bendix/King KLN89B GPS
 KAP 140 Auto Pilot
 IFR Certified
  New Engine/ Propeller
 $135 per hour
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Norfolk Flight Center is looking for Cessna 172R, 172S or 172SP including the G1000 Avionics; Piper
Cherokee, Warrior or Archer; Diamond Katana or Diamond Star; Taildragger
Aircraft for Leaseback.
Please contact Peter Surina at 757-405-0005 for additional information.
*All Aircraft Rentals are Wet and there are No Fuel Surcharges*

*Rental Rates Are Subject To Change*
 Piper Arrow IV PA-28RT-201
 200HP High Performance
 Complex Aircraft
 Garmin 696 GPS
 ADS-B Traffic and Weather
 IFR Certified
 Auto Pilot
  $165 per hour
 Beechcraft Duchess BE-76
 Twin 180 HP Engines
 Garmin GNS 430 GPS
 TAWS (Terrain Awareness
and Warning System)
 TIS (Traffic Information
  Glass Electronic Digital
Display HSI
 S Mode Transponder
 IFR Certified
 Century III Auto Pilot
  $235 per hour